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The International Code Council (ICC) has released the 2024 version of the International Residential Code (IRC). IRC 2021 (and preceding) has a Section R506 “Concrete Floors (On Ground),” as well as a Section R506.1 “General” that has only referred to R506 and ACI 332 for the design and construction of concrete slab-on-ground floors. The 2024 IRC code change adds a new Section R506.2 “Post-Tensioned Slab-on-Ground Floors.” This adds the IRC code requirement that “post-tensioned concrete slabs-on-ground floors placed on expansive or stable soils shall be designed in accordance with PTI DC10.5.” DC10.5-19 is also added to the IRC code as a reference. These modifications to the code directly influence the construction of post-tensioned slab-on-ground (PT-SOG) structures. 

The 2024 IRC code change will improve the quality of post-tensioned concrete, slab-on-ground floors. Quality improvement will be achieved through stronger code requirements for both materials and labor. Post-tensioning (PT) materials used in this construction will need to be supplied by Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI)-certified (or equal) plants, and the installation and stressing of these materials will need to be performed by PTI-certified field personnel.  

This campaign promotes the positive benefits of the code change, including the quality improvement gained through the superior materials used and better trained and educated personnel involved in the construction process.   


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