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Welcome to the webinars & training! Here, you will be able to view and download our webinars and training information about the campaign. For any assistance, please contact us.


2024 World of Concrete:  IRC Press Conference

On Tuesday, January 23, 2024, amidst the vibrant energy of the concrete industry, the Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) launched its monumental campaign, "Stronger Standards, Exceptional Structures."  Get a front-row seat to the World of Concrete 2024 PTI press conference and learn more about the new changes within the International Residential Code (IRC).

PTI Webinar: IRC 2024 Code Change for PT Slabs-on-Ground

This presentation, presented by Tim Christle, PTI’s Executive Vice President, will provide an overview of the new IRC code change and how it will improve quality, for both materials and labor, of residential, post-tensioned concrete, slab-on-ground structures. Download the on-demand webinar for free to learn more!


Technical Session

2024 PTI Convention: The Impact of the IRC 2024 Code Change on Residential PT Slab-on-Ground

During the 2024 PTI Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, Tim Christle, PTI’s Executive Vice President was a speaker focusing on The Impact of the IRC 2024 Code Change on Residential PT Slab-on-Ground. The International Code Council’s new IRC 2024 includes critical updates on post-tensioned slab-on-ground design and construction, notably Section R506.2, necessitating such floors to be designed per PTI DC10.5. This boosts the quality of residential post-tensioned slab-on-ground construction via higher quality materials and workmanship.

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